Barcelona (1985 – 1988)

After moving to London in 1985 I was a frequent visitor to Barcelona, often visiting twice a month
and staying with friends there. Away from the gaudi tourist areas the city had some neglected areas like Barrio Chino and some parts of the Ramblas were ridden with smacked out prostitutes and other salubrious types. What was very significant was the graffiti around town was mainly anti-NATO, anti-Reagan and so on. I was there a few times on the May 1st demonstrations and these were huge gatherings supported by the anti war movement, by free Nelson Mandela supporters, by communists, by trade unionists and by African and South American cause supporters of the time.The people in these demos were a mixture of ages and races.
I haven’t been back to Barcelona since before the Olympics were held there and I look forward to a revisit.